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A color portrait is a depiction of a person's personality on canvas using color.

This is my own developed method of selecting colors, with the help of which you can “pull out” all that power and beauty of the human personality, which is sometimes not visible to ourselves, on the canvas.

It has long been no secret that everything in this world has its own specific vibration, that is, it "sounds" on its own specific wave.
We, humans, are no exception.

And what about color?
Color is also a wave , visible to our eyes. Therefore, it turns out that the true and most complete sound of your personality can be displayed in color.

That is why I often call my paintings photography of the new time, because it is as if I photograph a person - only from the inside, and
not from the outside.
What is a color portrait?

Having never been professionally connected with art (without having a specialized education), nevertheless, several years ago Olga made painting the work of her life. In her work, the artist was able to combine her two greatest passions - the love of creating beauty and the craving for deep knowledge of this world.

Olga was prompted to create her concept of abstract color portraits by a long-term study of the inner world of a human personality from the standpoint of various sciences - numerology, astropsychology, etc. Combining numerology and color psychology together, Olga came up with a technique by which, through color, you can depict not the external, but the internal appearance of a person.

To implement her idea, Olga chose one of the most unusual techniques of abstract painting - fluid art, as she was inspired by the magic of this process. Olga creates all her works exclusively in this technique.
Olga Durseneva, a contemporary artist from Riga, creates unique color abstractions - color portraits of people’s personalities according to her own methodology.

“My biggest dream is to paint the whole world with bright colors of color portraits. I really want every person on this Earth to realize and accept that he/she is truly inimitable and unique with the help of my paintings. The human soul is incredibly beautiful. Color portraits convince me of this every day, ”
says the artist
O.D. art
Wanting to better understand myself and the world around me, for many years I have been studying all kinds of tools for human cognition - from astropsychology to numerology.

A color portrait is a unique combination of the psychology of color and the ancient science of numerology, where numbers and colors are intertwined together to create those unique patterns that you see in a gallery of paintings.

Why to"create"? Because, thanks to the painting technique that I use, the pictures really paint themselves - in this case I am just a kind of guiding conductor.

Color portrait technique

As a result, I put all this knowledge into my main current project - the project of color portraits.

To create a color portrait, the personal palette of colors of the owner of the portrait is first calculated.

The calculation is made on the basis of the name and date of birth of a person, since it is there that personal color vibrations are laid.

Then the entire selected palette of colors is poured onto the canvas using a specially developed technology, creating your unique color portrait.

How is a portrait created?

From the point of view of this science, each geometric figure carries a certain message, which means that using these figures in one way or another in everyday life, we can introduce this meaning into life.

The portrait of a person, depicted in color, is
a drawing, one way or another inscribed in a circle. In sacred geometry, the circle represents infinity, perfection and eternity. Having learned this, I realized that this is the best form for displaying the beauty of the human soul, truly eternal, perfect in its own way, truly boundless.

In turn, the square is the receptacle and basis of the manifested world. Since we all came here to manifest ourselves in our reality, it was decided to paint a color portrait on square canvases.

Why in a circle and in a square?
All color portraits are original spirals twisted in a circle on square canvas.
So there is an explanation for this.

And the explanation for this is in sacred geometry.

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