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The personification of sensitivity and unconditional love.
A delicate rose bathed in a sea of green, which is the main color of the heart. Incredibly warm, but at the same time wisely deep picture.

This is how the portrait of Grace turned out in color.
Sparkling eyes and the light of a smile is what first comes to mind when this name is mentioned.
A woman-sun, who knows how to turn even the darkness into light.

This is exactly what her color portrait turned out to be - a bright flame of light, emerging from the blue depth.
The embodiment of the conciseness and elegance that has an inner core. This is exactly what her color portrait turned out to be - a little different from the two previous works - restrained, consisting of straight lines, made in muted, but at the same time deep colors.

Femininity. Style. All this is displayed as brightly as possible on the canvas.

Grace Kelly
people's soul reflection
Color portraits
The most important
A life. What color is it?

The word life initially carries the vibrations of
a golden color - this is the embodiment of wisdom that is born from:
- kindness of pink
- passion of red
- calmness and inner silence of blue
- originality, optimism of yellow
But in front of you you see a stream of green color that was born from the combination of
the calmness of blue and the optimism of yellow, which tells us about harmony and balance, showing that life is an all-encompass
Love, what color is it?
What does it consist of?

The word Love carries blue vibrations - it is the color of calmness and inner silence, but this silence is born from:
-joy, enjoyment of life, love of freedom, sexuality, openness and abundance of
orange color,
- energy, optimism, wisdom, friendliness
of yellow color,
- harmony and unity of green color,
- nobility, faith, loftiness, airiness of
blue color
- creativity, intuition, harmony and depth
of purple color.
What does abundance sound like in color?
This is a whole palette of rich, saturated shades!
The green color, that the word abundance sounds like, reflects the ability to feel one's own integrity and all-encompassing love. Green is a symbol of prosperity.

Red color - fills life with passion and desire
to create.

Orange - represents self-confidence. This color is optimistic, benevolent and hospitable, it is distinguished by tolerance and mercy.

Gold color symbolizes purity - it is the color of maturity, wisdom and inexhaustible resources.

When you pronounce this word, your soul becomes warm, and a smile appears on your face. This happens for a reason, because this word carries vibrations of such colors as:

Yellow - the color of the sun and smiles, the color of warmth and goodwill, openness and healing power.

Lilac color - the color of tenderness, sophistication and harmony;

Orange - the color of vitality;

Green - the color of harmony and unity.
And all this is happiness!
Saying this word, a blue sky is drawn before your eyes.

But we see the picture in rather restrained, deep colors.And really, what is freedom?

Freedom is, first of all, the ability to take responsibility for one's life, to rely on one's inner foundation, which everyone has from birth.

The word freedom carries with it the vibrations of pink - a color that reminds us that the time has come for a reassessment of values, a color that turns us to look deep into ourselves and understand, where is my truth?
Burgundy color calls us to purposefulness.
Orange asks to enjoy life.
Yellow radiates openness and friendliness.
Violet brings inspiration and calls to unite the inner and outer.

And a bit of blue, telling us that freedom is finding inner balance.
Faith is the first secret of success.
Faith sounds like vibrations of red color - the color of life, energy, strength.

But at the same time, energies are intertwined in this word:
Orange color - carrying the vibrations of success and abundance, enjoying life.

Yellow is a color that has healing power and gives optimism.

Green is a symbol of prosperity and a great harmonizer.

Brown is the color that embodies the color of the Earth, which is able to support in times of anxiety and tiredness.

Golden color - carrying warmth, success, experience and wisdom
The main color that this word sounds like is blue - the color of hope, which carries Divine love.

But at the same time, in it vibrations of such colors ar woven:

Magenta color - it does not fight with life, it believes in the power of thoughts and words, it brings certainty and liberation.

Pink - a color that reminds us that the time for a reassessment of values has come, a color that turns us to look deep into ourselves and understand, where is our truth?

Pale blue - the color that inspires, personifies the word and calls to listen to your thoughts and words.

Golden - the embodiment of wisdom, the color of trust - by trusting we exclude the struggle, thereby gaining peace inside and, accordingly, outside.
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